John Hancock
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The signature of John Hancock on the Declaration of Independence is the most flamboyant and easily recognizable of all. It is perhaps no surprise that the story of his part in the revolution is equally engaging. Few figures were more well-known or more popular than John Hancock.

He played an instrumental role, sometimes by accident, and other times by design, in coaxing the American Revolution into being.

Born in Braintree, Massachusetts in 1737, he was orphaned as a child, and adopted by a wealthy merchant uncle who was childless. Hancock attended Harvard College for a business education and graduated at the age of 17. He apprenticed to his uncle as a clerk and proved so honest and capable that, in 1760, he was sent on a business mission to England.

There he witnessed the coronation of George III and engaged some of the leading businessmen of London. In 1763, his uncle died and John Hancock inherited what was said to be the greatest body of wealth in New England.

Be remembered for both your signature and your style. This Founding Fathers costume includes colonial styled black frock coat, matching vest, knickers and lace jabot and cuff set.

This Colonial John Hancock Colonial Costume is great for School Assemblies or Thanksgiving Plays.

Not Included, but a must for any Children's John Hancock Costume, John Hancock Wig, Colonial Socks and Colonial Shoe Buckles.

Our Kids John Hancock Costume is an Premier American Heritage Exclusive Costume. Made with pride in the USA.

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